Indiana Flatmonkey Bmx Flatland Stunt Shows:
I am a faith
based Bmx
Business Events, Church Events, Birthday Parties, Military Events,
Schools, and More
We've been in business for over 15 years
E-mail for more info

Flatmonkey Bmx's mission is to provide quality family entertainment by
performing flatland bmx
for a large range of audiences young and old.  

We provide Outreach/Entertainment for:
- Birthday Party Entertainment
- Christian Outreach Shows
- Business/Marketing Events
- Children/Youth Events
- School Outreach Shows
- Military Events (For Adults or Children)
- Safety Shows
- Bike Rodeos
- Fairs, sports events, and more
- Fund Raisers
SHOW PRICING! Based on Indiana market.  
Outside Indiana please contact us @:

FOR $500
50 Miles outside of Indianapolis contact
for additional travel cost.

All shows require a flat surface similar to the size of half a
basketball/tennis court or larger, electrical outlets for music and
microphone.  I also need a quiet place prior to the show/shows to
prepare.   After the show I will require a table and chair set up to talk
with spectators and sign autographs.  Flatmonkey Bmx will also
require the ability to sell show merchandise at all events.  

Show Times:  Bmx Flatland Demos last 15-20 minutes depending
on the type of entertainment.  For outreach shows the time is 30
minutes (15-20 minutes of riding and 10-15 minutes to speak with

I can provide up to two shows at one event with 30 minutes of rest
between shows.  The shows will be the same so this is for events
that draws different spectators at different times.  

Ensure when scheduling you plan two blocks of times.  One is a
primary time and the other is a back up time.  I will do everything
possible to ensure I arrive early for your event.  However, at times
there can be travel issues do to weather, traffic accidents, or other
scheduled show delays.  By having two times spectators will not be
disappointed if one show is delayed.  If I miss or I am late for the
first show for any reason i will offer a second free show at a later
agreed date.

Prior to scheduling a show please view video links to get an idea of
riding style and what to expect.  


My philosophy is simple.  I work with you and businesses.   Prior to
setting up a show I can help with fundraising ideas, ways to do
ticket sales, or discuss getting sponsorships.  For example if you
80 tickets at $5 this will cover the show cost or get 10
businesses to sponsor a show for $
40.00 each.   


Two show special- If you work with another organization or
individual and you book two shows I will give each show a $25

Military get a special rate all shows local are $150.00  and if you
have a child's party and their parent is deployed I will do a $50
show!  (Indiana Only!) Outside Indiana Contact Me

Local Churches contact me for more info and special pricing.


You a business, organization, or individual?  Want to make a
difference.  We offer free shows while helping your business for
pennies on the dollar.  We offer free shows with your help.  Any
organization within 50 miles of our shows can request a free show!  
You provide a $200 sponsorship donation and become the sole
sponsor of a show!   You can sponsor as many shows as you
wish.  If you wish to sponsor more than two shows please e-mail
me using the e-mail link above and I will create a special discount
link for multiple show sponsorships.  Just let me know how many
shows you wish to sponsor.   If you wish to sponsor a show now
please use the Paypal link on the left.   
PSALM 46:1

God is our refuge and
strength, an every present
help in trouble......

Peter 4:10-11
Each of you should use
whatever gift you have to
serve others

John 3:16

For God so loved the world
that he gave his one and
only Son, that whoever
believes in him shall not
perish but have eternal life.
Annual Sponsorship $25.00
DISCLAIMER:  No sponsors or affiliates of Flatmonkey Bmx promote the beliefs, feelings, thoughts, or ideas related to any religious organization or
beliefs. These organizations help promote and sponsor a healthy life style and education for BMX and the extreme sports community.