About Us

Flatmonkey Bmx is owned and operated by Chris
Ridener.  The main focus of Flatmonkey
Bmx/Scooter Stunt shows is to provide family
entertainment in a variety of settings.  Chris will
strive to provide a quality flatland Bmx/Scooter
stunt show for a very affordable price to any
audience.  The other vision of Flatmonkey Bmx is
to provide quality outreach to schools, churches,
and youth events.  Chris believes in giving back
to the community and presenting a positive image
to the youth.  

Flatmonkey Bmx was founded in San Antonio
Texas in 2001.  The organization is over 1
5  years
old and debt free.  Since 2001 we have operated
all over the country but, specifically Texas and
South Dakota.  

Chris Ridener and Flatmonkey Bmx has been
recognized and acknowledged by:

Bmx Plus
One Praise Magazine
Storybook Island
Rapid City Journal
Various Radio/TV Stations and Newspapers
Global Flat
Transworld Bmx (Ride Bmx)
Bmx Freestyler

Supporters/Friends/ and Sponsors have included:
DK Bicycles
SE Bicyles
Hitman Bikes
Cyberhorse Sports Wear
1&3 Trinity Energy Drinks
Airspeed Shoes
Osiris Shoes
Globe Shoes
Flatland Fuel
Bike USA
They Clothing
Hook It Action Sports

Chris performs over 200 shows annually and in
2014-2015 performed for more than 180,000

Previous Contests/Jams/Shows:
Storybook Island Theme Park
Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally
Texas Flatland Round Up
Hotter Than Hell 100
Straight Out of Indy
March of Dimes (Indiana,Texas, South Dakota)
Relay for Life
Hills Alive
Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity
Numerous Fairs, Festivals, Youth Events
Many More (Please Ask)
About Us